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GIGsoup Premiere: Cambry H ‘”Goodnight”‘

Cambry H Premieres New Music Video "Goodnight" [Exclusive Premiere]

Cambry H (Cambry Hicks) – a soon to be household name – released his newest pop single “Goodnight” with an exclusive music video. “Goodnight” was put together within 24 hours from start to finish (beat, lyrics, recording) after leaving a toxic situation, and realizing that it was time to move on. The chorus showcases Cambry’s intimate lyricism with a double meaning: You could be not wanting to leave a person, but in the same sentence, you’re saying “goodnight” to the situation; meaning you’re leaving it behind. The emerging talent brings his smooth R&B vocals to a nostalgic pop soundscape creating perfect timeless balance between old and new, resulting in a chameleon-like, yet dynamic, listening experience for the audience. “I want people to feel a wide range of emotions when they listen to this song,” says Cambry. “It can have different meanings for different people which makes it special.”

Previously featured on the esteemed HYPE Magazine, Elevator Magazine, and RESPECT., Cambry H is becoming widely known for his eclectic instrumentation and unique vocal stylings. Showcasing a unique approach to modern R&B/Soul music, Cambry’s catalog boasts a wide range of songs covering different types of personal experiences – storytelling in a modern smooth pop style. Cambry is often characterized as outspoken – unafraid to be transparent with his audience and bring awareness to certain topics. As both a queer artist and a person of color, Cambry is very involved in the Black Lives Matter movement and bringing awareness against the recent violence that has been taken against trans BIPOC. Using his platforms to stand for social change, Cambry reserves his music as a feel-good space to connect with people. Despite his LGBTQ pride, Cambry describes his music as “genderless” saying, “ I make the kind of music that I want to hear. It’s relatable to everyone who listens.”

What’s your new single “Goodnight” inspired by?

It was inspired by having to let go of a certain situation in my life that was holding me back. This was kind of the point where I was letting everything that had happen go. It was definitely a moment of processing for me.

What is your favorite lyrical line in the song? Why?

I really don’t have a favorite lyric honestly. Everything means something to me in this case.

How do you describe your sound?

I would say it’s very eclectic. I try not to do the same thing every time I record or come up with an idea. I like to keep things fresh and push the boundaries every chance I get.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Bjork, J*DaVeY, Miguel, Raphael Saadiq and the list goes on. I have tons for sure.

How has the pandemic this year impacted you as a musician?
I was just starting to get comfortable with performing. I’m not too much of a people person. It made me have to rethink my release strategy and come up with unique ways to perform.
What is one experience that has transformed you as an artist and musician?

I would say having one of my favorite artists say they liked my music. I wasn’t expecting that.

What can fans expect next?

A lot of content which isn’t usual for me. I’m working on a lot of different things at one time but it’s so going to be worth it!