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Red Moon is a Scandinavian singer – songwriter. Her epic vocals and contemplative lyrics have captivated fans.We caught up with her to talk about her new single ‘Dreamer’, childhood memories and the sliver-linings of Lockdown.

Thanks so much for talking to us today. How are you?

I’m so excited for PHASE I:XI to finally be out! It’s been such a journey to be where I am right now and I feel so lucky.

Let’s begin at the beginning, please tell us about your earliest musical memories.

There are some moments I can’t remember since I was too young, but there are some pictures of me playing with a cassette machine where I am singing into a microphone. And another one where I am playing the organ with my great-grandfather who was an organist. I must have been between 3 or 4 years old on both photos. Later there was an opportunity in my primary school in Norway where each student was assigned an instrument, which in my case was the tenor horn. I switched to the trumpet later as it felt lighter and had a different range. I realised I was really bad at reading notes, but had a good memory for melodies. 

What is the story behind the new single ‘Dreamer’?

I remember writing this song on my mother’s birthday with DWY some years ago on a cold day in Berlin. It was our first session and the song came to us playfully and organically.

I consider myself a sceptic and highly curious semi-realist and this paradox are explored in the lyrics examination of the human condition, the constant struggle between despair and hope. Now more than ever, when the world can often feel its darkest, we recognise it is a privilege to be able to dream and have hope.

The love and unconditional emotional support of my mother was a huge inspiration for me when writing this song and this is echoed in the feeling of power and freedom I feel when performing it. Needless to say, it is a song very close to my heart.


What were the golden threads you were trying to weave when you wrote the songs for the new EP?

I had already written all the songs before I decided to pick them for this EP. So the process has been a long one. I think the fact that I could have time to really work on my music in the studio and write a lot has been so helpful.


So this EP is sort of like the first chapter;

Like a moon cycle…I believe there are various cycles, seasons and lessons within us that we are going through. I:XI stands for the magical number 1:11. Over the last few years I’ve ruminated on the meaning behind numbers, dreams, symbols, different stages of life and different types of connections with people. And how it all comes down to human connection and empathy, and why that is the most valuable thing we have.

Phase I:XI represents both a birth and an ending in many ways, with each track navigating these different phases. Exploring questions to the world and to oneself through ‘Dogma’ and ‘Medusa’, a journey through despair and hope with ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Orchids’, existing in the present with ‘Slow Down’ and the acknowledgement of letting go of something and someone dear before it’s gone in ‘Dissolve’.


With Phase I:XI, I wish to explore and continue the search and curiosity for further chapters.

How do you prepare for studio sessions and recording?

I used to want to be as prepared as possible for a first studio session. I think that has changed a bit, as I’ve learned these things can’t really be controlled of how the flow or chemistry between two people will be. Every day is different. And to me it’s interesting what topics happen around conversations

I have with the people I work with. Sometimes I do have an urge or a topic I knew I needed to get off my chest but at this point I try to go in with no expectations, and trusting my intuition. It sounds easier then done, and it’s taken me a minute to figure out what I like and what isn’t my cup of tea.

I’m really honest with the people I work with, and sometimes you learn a great deal from what doesn’t work. I’m really curious and open to work with people as much as I love writing by myself. But in the last couple of years I’ve gained some really beautiful and special friends who I am consider my musical family. 

If there are specific recordings that need to be (re)-worked on or finished, I like to have time and step back to understand what I really want to say with the song, and make some research on sound and ideas and then go back to the person I am working with.

There is a great respect and trust I have with the producers. I think the best collaborations are with the ones where the other understands your cryptic alien language of what you wanted to do, and why that sound was so important at that exact moment. 

Five things you love about Norway might include …

The air, the water, how the gorgeous landscapes looks when shifting every season. Universal healthcare through taxes. How Norway feels like a safe haven, a home I can always come back to.  

When you reflect on 2020 so far, what have been the silver linings for you?

To me the words humanity, listening and reflection have been very present this year. I think there are far too many things that have happened and it seems like there is no end to the lid. It is a tremendously difficult year, and it is very eye opening to me, how one is responsible for the wellbeing of the collective and for mother nature. Everything is intertwined and connected to each other. To me this is a wakeup call and chance for a change, dismantle, and rebuild. We need more female energy in high positions and great thinkers that put the well-being of a long term plan for the world. To ensure the human rights to love and rights over our own bodies, so we can experience this world for what it is and can be. 

Quick Fire Questions


Grace or favour – Grace

Fire or Ice – Fire

Dinner or dancing – Dinner

Fields or Fjords – Fjords

Adele or Ariana – Adriana 😉 

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