Kid Apollo

GIGsoup Chat To Solo Artist Kid Apollo

Kid Apollo just released his single ‘Shameless’ and it’s otherworldly magical; with sleek production, brilliant lyrics and a lulling vocal.

Who is Kid Apollo?

A 24 year old human from Ireland who loves to make music; writing, recording, producing, the full works. This mostly happens in a bedroom as of late.

Please talk us through the meaning of your haunting new single ‘Shameless’

This song is about sitting alone, feeling like you’re in a mental bubble and dreaming back to days gone by. It’s nostalgic for the past, specifically when we could all go out and be with each other, which is quite odd as I started writing it a good while before there even were any big changes to our social lives. It’s called ‘Shameless’ as it romanticises those messy, dirty nights out and all the debauchery that you see, whilst musically it has that airy, ghost-like feel to it.

We love the candid promo video you did – are you a bit of a comedian at heart?

A good sense of humour is vital. It helps you get through all the hard knocks that come at you not just in music, but in life. My God, listen to me sounding like Dr Phil. Really I think having a bit of a laugh is a great way to promote your art, especially on social media. It helps attract people if you at least look like you’re having fun.

Which 3 items would you take on a desert island?

An oar, a lifejacket, and a boat.

Do you have to be in a certain mood to write?

Writing? Not so much. I mean it’s amazing being in that mindset where the creative flow is so strong that it all just pours out without you really trying, but all that takes is a bit of warming up. It’s a muscle. Coincidentally I once wrote some melodies in my head when in the gym. Mixing on the other hand requires a certain mood to be in, or else I’ll get fatigued really fast and end up looking at TikTok dogs for an hour or two.

Where do you live? What’s the music scene like?

I live in Derry, and fortunately Derry loves music. There’s never a shortage of artists and bands here. It’s big enough that you’ll always find something new popping up, but small enough that everyone generally knows each other in some way. I’m a bit annoyed that I only got to experience a small piece of playing live gigs before the lockdowns hit, but hopefully I’ll get to make up for plenty of lost time soon!

What’s your favourite album of all time?

Oh dear, can I answer that? How do you even answer that? There’s a long list, but I suppose an album I’ve never stopped coming back to regardless of age is Demon Days by Gorillaz. There’s so much packed into 15 tracks. It has an intro, three Top 10 singles, features by De La Soul, MF DOOM and a spoken word track by Dennis Hopper, closing out in a 3 track finale. Also, the music, production and melodies are just all top notch. It never stops inspiring me.

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