Getting to know: Mollie Coddled

Having released her debut EP, ‘The Halo Effect’, Yorkshire-born artist Mollie Coddled speaks with GIGsoup about her beginnings in music, sad songs and her hopes for the upcoming year. 

Hey Mollie, thanks so much for speaking with us!

Mollie: Hiya 

First up, what is your earliest musical memory?

Mollie: (blows raspberry)… hmmm… probably in primary school being forced to sing Christian hymns like ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’… 

That is such an English memory haha. What was your journey like from singing hymns in primary school to producing your own music?

Mollie: I always wanted to be a singer but I had my confidence knocked back a lot at school. I used to sing in secret because I thought I was really bad at it; I literally couldn’t sing in front of my family members or anything. I was in the school pop choir, which was open to anyone, and people there weren’t very nice about my singing. I wanted to get into the other school choir, which you had to audition for, but my music teacher told me that even if I practised every day for four hours a day I’d never be good enough for singing… they wouldn’t even let me audition.

 That really knocked back my confidence and I began to have the mindset that I would never ever be a singer. So, I decided to make guitar my thing when I was 14; I wanted people to see me and think ‘oh she’s good at that’ instead of just thinking ‘she’s shit at singing’. I then started writing songs when I was 16 and I went to music college. While I was there I put out a song on soundcloud that I sang on and my friends thought it was really cool, they were surprised though as they didn’t know I could sing! Then, after that I had a sort of identity switch, I had always thought that people hated what I did but suddenly I felt able to do what I had always wanted to do. I guess I was seeking validation from others but starting to write songs really helped me a lot with my confidence and dealing with my emotions. 

That sounds like a really tough time, but what a way to prove them wrong; your debut EP is out now! How do you feel about finally releasing it?

Mollie: I’m just really excited about it! I’m usually really nervous to bring out songs ‘cos I’m scared that people might not like it. This time didn’t feel as big of a deal because I had released some of the songs already. If people don’t like the new songs they can just listen to the other ones haha, so I’m just vibing. 

Love that mentality! Have you got a favourite track from ‘The Halo Effect’?

Mollie: Hmmm… I don’t know. I’ve heard all of them so many times but I do really like ‘One More Day’. I released it as a single but it’s one of my favourites just ‘cos it’s so fun. 

The EP tackles some really personal topics, what’s it like putting something so personal into such a public space like a streaming website?

Mollie: It’s a weird one. When I put music out on the internet I don’t think that many people that I actually know would be listening that deeply to the lyrics so I’m not worried about that. It would be different if I was talking about these issues in real life but online I just don’t think people are going to be judging me. Also if people can relate, then that’s sick. 

‘Cos I only write when I’m sad, all my lyrics are really deep, even if the songs don’t sound sad they actually are. It’s really cool when I get feedback, like it’s not only me experiencing these things and I’m glad someone has been able to relate what I’ve been through.

What advice do you have for people who are going through some of the issues you touch on in your music?

Mollie: Firstly, it’s really important to address your feelings within yourself. Sometimes you can be made to feel that your opinions aren’t valid and your feelings are impacted by what other people have said to you. I think you’ve got to realise though that if you’re not feeling okay it’s because you aren’t okay, but you’re not going insane, you are going to be fine. 

Then, the next thing would be it is so important to speak to people about how you are feeling. I didn’t do that for ages and I really wish I had because an outside perspective is always amazing and helps you realise what is really going on. 

Solid advice. Have you got any other artists you’re listening to at the minute that you want to shout out?

Mollie: Amber Lucid is really sick and she’s got a new song out called ‘Head Down’. Oh, and Abby Bella May and George Moir are cool too. 

Finally, what’s next for Mollie Coddled?

Mollie: Maybe there is new music coming… I’m not saying anything – it’s a secret! There will definitely be more music but I’m not telling you when haha. 

Well then, we will just have to stick the EP on repeat until then… Thanks so much for speaking with us Mollie! 

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