Get To Know You Scheduled For April Release

Debut Single From UK's Bethan Wyn

It’s always refreshing to see authentic talent step up to the plate and combat the conveyer belt pop music that often dominates the airwaves. Delivering a production that transcends a broad demographic Bethan Wyn lands with an exciting new single that will lift her profile and audience dramatically.

Already recognised as a local talent, Bethan Wyn is a UK based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Solihull. Known for her distinctive, emotive and captivating tone, her vocals shine like a beacon through the cloud of recent lockdowns.

Classically trained but raised on vinyl, her love of old school Blues, Soul & Jazz has hugely influenced her style, often forming the base of her melodies whilst giving it a fresh, contemporary twist. Within the body of her debut ‘Get To Know You’ you are automatically lifted to a positive space as her succinct style takes hold.

After working across various sectors within the music industry from Musical Theatre to EDM, she has been praised for her versatility in vocal style throughout her career. Honing in on her own ‘Boujee Sound’ Bethan’s debut single ‘Get To Know You’ has all the production elements of an electric, commercial sound but is beautifully complimented by a hypnotic mellow vocal complete with subtle provocative undertones.

Her music and vocal ability oozes class and has been compared to an infusion of Stevie Nicks, Sade and Kate Bush. Accomplished and accessible, this well written piece of work will find commonplace in music collections that are diverse through to everyday soundtracks. Poised between Radio and a personalised performance without doubt, this should earmark Bethan Wyn as a talent to be closely watched throughout 2021.

Lending credence to her position Bethan has also featured as a recording artist, collaborating with Top 10 act Soul Central and a mix of breakthrough names. Writing for several years with regular performances around Birmingham, her appearances have become identified as a memorable feature as localised bookers, promoters and venues reflect on her successful shows.

With the latest single due to drop 15th of April, expect to see more of Bethan Wyn, already a firm favourite with press and radio presenters. Prepare to stream ‘Get To Know You’ and you’ll soon understand what all the hype is about.

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