Rafail Kordelas

Galactic Dust Release Shimmering New Indie-Pop Anthem ‘The Pizza Song’

Galactic Dust have created an electro-pop anthem that addresses the themes of major conversations including sex, self-love, body image and female empowerment under the surface of a novelty style song about wanting pizza.

A melting pot of dynamic piano chords, playful guitar lines and glistening synths create a backdrop that’s perfect for the centre stage attraction of Noam’s seductive vocals. The song is uber intelligent in both it’s instrumentation and witful lyricsism. While the immediate appearance of the song presents itself as an ode to pizza, the underlying meaning presented under this guise is actually a lot deeper and goes as far as to examine the laws of seduction and the expression of lust and wanting. 

The video that pairs the song is equally as playful and intelligent. Starring Noam as the centre piece throughout, it uses a strong colour theme of red and yellow (thats right, the colour of pizza), amongst a strong 90’s inspired aesthetic. In perfect synergy with te lyrics it plays on the love of pizza whilst also positioning Noam as the strong, seductive and empowered queen that runs the show. 

Speaking to the inspiration behind Pizza Song and its pairing video the band explains, ‘The Pizza Song’ is fun, sexy, genuine, unapologetic and in-charge and Noam is the sassy frontwoman at the helm of it all, telling the boys what to do and defining the relationship in the way she wants to, with confidence, elegance, style and humour. The music video reflects our [Galactic Dusts] will to disrupt the usual imagery attached to women in pop culture. The barrier between male and female representation is broken down in the video as the male band members are given traditionally feminine roles, supporting and backing their front-lady. The ‘pizza bath’ scene especially offers a vignette of us all and how we juxtapose sexual magnetism with humour and personality.’

The North London trio have been creating music together since 2018, working out of a home studio and writing, recording, producing and mastering all of their own releases from there. The music they make takes inspiration from a vast array of sources from Miles Davis to Kali Uchis. They have honed their sound into an incredibly unique fusion of electro-pop, disco and alternative synth-pop, the result being a plethora of gleaming releases that fully show off their ability to create a song that captivates the listener and urges them to get up and groove. 

The multi-faceted group are well aware of the times and willing to change with them in the most positive of ways. Through their multitude of talents the band remains fully in charge of their own future and the only way is up for Galactic Dust. 

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