Fxrroh ‘In Bloom’ Track Review

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Fxrroh has released her new track "In Bloom".

Chicago based alt-pop singer-songwriter Fxrroh has dropped her new synth led track, “In Bloom”.

Featuring a dynamic soundscape, “In Bloom” is a euphoric  yet mellow track. Serving as a unique take on traditional lo-fi, Fxrroh’s dreamlike vocals shine through the downtempo synths and intricate beats.

Fxrroh explains:

“In Bloom is all about opening yourself up both mentally and physically; Being comfortable with yourself is so important these days. I’m free to be both poised and sexually liberated which is such an empowering thing.”

Embarking on a mission to create an entirely idiosyncratic sound that blends together both the old and the new, with “In Bloom” Fxrroh has created an ethereal and captivating listening experience.

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