Friendly Rich, David Sait, {AN} EeL collaborate for new track ‘The Dainty Dandies’ + new album, “A Muffled Snore”

A Muffled Snore is a collaboration album between three Ontario-based artists: Friendly Rich, David Sait, and {AN} EeL. 

The album consists of twelve beautifully strange tales that soar through dark, timeless atmospheres. With the Dadaist texts of {An} EeL pairing with Friendly Rich’s dark vocal delivery and the other-worldly sounds of David Sait, this recording is cinematic, dreamy, and psychedelic.

The narration is like a collection of twisted fairy tales describing mysterious places, rituals, and dark secrets leading with track “The Dainty Dandies,” which has been paired with a video. 

Listen to the new single ‘The Dainty Dandies’ and check out our exclusive interview below

Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind your new album, “A Muffled Snore”?

It came together so naturally.  I was on a short tour with The Lollipop People passing through Peterborough and {An} EeL came out to the show and handed me an envelope with these beautiful twisted lyrics he’d written.  David Sait and I were cooking up some music for voice and guzheng.  From there, the pandemic hit, and we started to piece it together…felt like a great soundtrack for the times we were in.

How was it collaborating with David Sait, {AN} EeL to create this latest collection?

What a dream.  I feel like we could have belted out even more material with this trio. We established a great collaborative flow, and it all came together with such ease…not the case with all collabs, so I was super thankful to be a part of this.

Were there any other albums that you used as inspiration?

Not really from my side, I know the influences between the three of us vary tremendously, but we’re all linked by the anything-goes attitude experimental music embraces.  That being said, there is a beautiful coherence to this recording which I appreciate.

What was the process you went through to create “A Muffled Snore”?

{An} EeL got this collaboration started.  He had reached out after he saw me performing with The Nihilist Spasm Band, and thought it would be a cool idea for him to write lyrics for me, and vice versa, with different musical accompaniments for each pairing.  In the end, I realized his texts with David Sait, and he performed my texts with me making the accompanying music.  The two tracks on the recording that I wrote the texts for are The Waltz of Dullard and You Smelt It, We Dealt It.  The remaining ten tracks are {An} EeL’s texts brought to life by David Sait and I.  What a fun collaborative model, I like the fact that {An} EeL created this simple design framework for us to play within…

Did the pandemic affect the creative process?

Certainly.  It was the catalyst.  We found a collaborative path to share files, mix and create the thing, and the rest is history.  I think it would have been realized very differently if the pandemic had not happened.  We would have been in a more old world approach, I assume we would have made it in a more traditional recording studio, you know…so yeah, it has a pandemic sound to it.  David Sait and I had played a duet show on March 12th 2020, where we performed the entire set of 10 {An} EeL pieces.  The day later the world shut down, and we began the recording process…

What’s next for you, any other collaborations on the horizon?
I’m working on a few exciting projects, including the release of the first season of a new podcast I’m producing with Cory McCallum called “The Boringville Chronicles”, a new metal project called Head of Jeddore and a live recording from The Lollipop People all coming later this year!



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