Freya Alley

Freya Alley ‘Big Wild World’ Track Review

Freya Alley Is Fearless With 'Big Wild World'

London-based, Freya Alley examines modern times’ absurdity on her latest ambient single release ‘Big Wild World’.

Taking on a new direction, Freya delves deep into the darker side of pop, and she charms from the get-go. The vocal tone from Freya’s is unreplicable. She sings with clever melisma, and she leaps. Also, her ability to express her innate beliefs adds even more sentiment and passion to the track. Her words speak a story of losing out to heartbreak, and she feels alone because of an ex-lover. She wants them to know she is hurting and she gets it across with no ambiguity here.

But it is no ubiquitous love story. Instead, it is a personal reflection of how many of us are affected by current times. She is not on her own either with many of her fellow pop vocalists echoing a similar message on their songs. Maybe it’s a recent trend for people to mistreat others wrongfully? It appears so.

The music is courageous, and Freya with the producer’s experience boast a fearless approach which excels vitality. The sounds all leap out with unique appeal, and her ability to keep the excitement flowing is refreshing. Furthermore, at no point does the record become repetitive or predictable. It does the opposite with the structure often changing.

In the closing passage, the instrumental takes on a more prominent position. The drums rise out of the mixture, and they bring a new dimension to the already piercing direction. They arrive with a vibe from yesteryear, reminding many of the beats which propelled out of the 90s era.

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