Frequent Traveller takes us to Jamaica in 360-degree sound on ‘Liquid Sunshine’

Frequent Traveller aka Steve Spiro announces new 'Real Life' album, transporting the listener around the world in 360-degree sound

Frequent Traveller has announced the ground-breaking new ‘Real Life’ album and shared the new single, ‘Liquid Sunshine’ – a track which transports the listener to Jamaica in complete, 360-degree surround sound. Due for release October 9th via the new immersive-focussed Music for Headphones label, ‘Real Life’ is the latest project from electronic producer Steve Spiro, who’s previously worked with the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Talk Talk.

Utilising the latest in binaural sound technology which enabled him to record environments and replicating the human ear’s natural awareness of height and depth positioning, Steve travelled around the world capturing surround-sound field recordings of what he encountered and began incorporating them into music. Designed for headphone-listening only, you can check out the video for ‘Liquid Sunshine’ below.

Following on from last month’s ‘In My Head’ single (which took the listener on a bustling late-night subway train through Harlem, NYC), ‘Liquid Sunshine’ captures the sounds of Jamaica. Steve’s encounters in the Jamaican towns, cities and villages he visited are reproduced on the track just as the human ear would have heard them at the time. Only here, they’re delivered through the medium of experimental electronica that’s naturally rooted in the dub and reggae sounds synonymous with the country.

Steve says of the track: “‘Liquid Sunshine’ was recorded at several locations in Jamaica, from Montego Bay to Kingston and Ocho Rios. I covered a lot of ground on this trip. I had a local driver, guide, cameraman and bodyguard with me on shoot days. Some of the locations we visited were pretty scary, but they were the source of the best sounds I captured out there. This was one of my favourite locations I recorded in as it’s an Island with lots of noise, energy and full of animated characters saying lots of crazy shit.”

In a time when opportunities to travel are scarce, the latest Frequent Traveller project is a welcome invitation to escape around the world with just your headphones. Talking about the ‘Real Life’ album, Steve says: “Over the last 18 months, I’ve travelled the world and recorded sounds in various locations on the planet. Marrakech, Mexico, New York, LA, India, Cannes, Barcelona, Brazil, Jamaica and London. In each of the destinations, I went into the cities, towns and villages and recorded environments and the local inhabitants. Passing through crowds of people, in fleeting moments of time, I captured the drama, comedy and sometimes the irony of real life as it unfolded. Preachers, Dealers, Gangsters, Snake Charmers, Prophets, Free Thinkers, Buskers, Blaggers and the Innocent Bystander. A cast of thousands shape the script and scenes.”

The track listing for Real Life is ...

1. Trains
2. Planes
3. A Maze of Snakes & Shadows
4. Touchdown NYC
5. In My Head
6. Three Bells
7. Devil’s Trying To Break Us Down
8. The Brazilian
9. From The Ashes
10. Liquid Sunshine
11. Deception
12. Le Croisette
13. Here Inside Me

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