Francois Klark ‘Back Together’ Track Review

Francois Klark has released his new festively beautiful track "Back Together"

Canada’s own Francois Klark has released his delicate and subtly festive single “Back Together”.

“Back Together” is an emotionally driven and yet uplifting track that is not only perfect for the Christmas period, but also for this year in general. Framed by a gentle tinkling piano melody, Francois Klark’s vocals lull the listener into a warm embrace of hope and comfort. 

Telling a tale of hope and human connection, Francois Klark expands on “Back Together” stating that it:

“Celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and reaffirms that together we can overcome any hardship and adversity through love for one another. Every year during this time the Christmas story reminds us that love can overcome any distance, and that love is stronger than anything that separates us. Though we are different, and might not always see eye to eye, we are all the same flesh and blood – We depend on each other. This year the promise of that faithful holy night thousands of years ago still rings true. ‘Love will keep us strong.”

Having worked on projects with music industry heavyweights including Universal Music Group UK and Netflix, Francois Klark has created a multitude of enchanting and refreshing compositions set apart by his unforgettable and delicate vocal delivery. 

Drifting away on the wistful instrumentation, “Back Together” is the slice of hope and joy that we all need at the end of this troubling year. 

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