Flowers For You ‘never again’ Track Review

Flowers For You releases his latest single 'never again'.

American emo pop punk artist Luke Seely has returned with his emotive new track “never again”.

Self produced, “never again” is a nostalgic pop punk inspired track featuring classic rock guitar riffs and a dynamic blend of hip hop beats calling back to the days of alternative music on Myspace. Clearly influenced by the subtle soft-punk beats of lo-fi stylings, Flowers For You have created a potent and powerful soundscape within “never again”

Expanding on the meanings behind “never again”:

“‘never again’ is about feeling isolated and depressed. It’s presentation is raw and doesn’t hide it. To me, this song means that I could move past the emotions I poured into the song. I listen and it reminds me of how I felt when I wrote it but inspires me to move past it.”

Only emerging onto the scene in 2019 Flowers For You is already amassing a large body of work, all featuring his nostalgic and idiosyncratic sound. As an early insight into what can be expected from his upcoming second E.P. Flowers For You is refining his captivating and engaging sound with “never again”

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