Find comfort in Ciara Vizzard’s new single Victory

Singer-songwriter Ciara Vizzard's new release Victory feels more relevant than ever...

I think we can all agree that the world has been through a lot this year, with covid19 and police brutality against black people probably being at the forefront of the biggest tragedies. And when all hell breaks loose, when we feel like we hit rock bottom or that the whole universe is conspiring against you, it’s important to not lose hope and find a little bit of strength to remain somewhat positive.

Ciara Vizzard is just that: the constant we all need in our lives. Through the change of seasons, our moods and the vicissitudes of time, her angelic voice and uplifting lyrics will pick you up, song after the song. Her new single Victory doesn’t is no exception. Reminding each of us of our resilience, the ethereal pop ballad produced Nosa Apollo (Craig David, Ella Mai, Mabel) is here to restore our inner peace in difficult times. “Victory was written after quite a few unexpected tough life moments for me, the singer-songwriter explains. It is me essentially saying that you can try to bring me to my knees but I am going to get back up because I will always have the victory.I guess you could say it is a fight song, to remind oneself to keep going especially when life gets tough and is a seemingly never-ending series of bumps in the road.”

With its soaring chorus and comforting guitars, Ciara Vizzard’s Victory is definitely a song to hold on to through the surprising – sometimes heartbreaking yet at other times beautiful – whirlwind of life.

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