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Erich Mrak releases new single ‘No Ways’

Erich Mrak continues to unveil the songs of his upcoming project 'Glimpse'.

Erich Mrak is back with No Ways, the follow-up single to his acclaimed song Girls. Both tracks come from his LP Glimpse that we are eager to discover.

Born in Ottawa, Canada, the hip hop/electronic moved to Toronto in 2013 to pursue music. No Ways is a great fusion of pop and electro elements with a hip hop sensibility at its core. Erich Mrak has managed to create an electric atmosphere with the guitar driving the melodic progression of the song. ‘No ways’ tackles some truths about friendship:    “No Ways is about a friend expressing their romantic feelings, and then having to manage their expectations while deciding what feels best for the friendship moving forward” he explains.

Erich Mrak has spent a productive summer, revisiting his former material through alternate versions, offering his fans weekly releases throughout quarantine. No Ways is now available on all digital platforms.