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Emilia Tarrant reveals the beautiful ballad ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Singer-songwriter returns with first 2021 single, the breathtakingly beautiful 'Honeymoon Phase'

Raw, emotive, angelic and breathtakingly beautiful. Emilia Tarrant unveils her first 2021 single ‘Honeymoon Phase’ and it is all of the above and so much more.

The 19-year-old singer songwriter from Winchester, began her musical journey at the tender age of 12 playing the piano and has been writing songs ever since. She comments that ‘songwriting is like writing a diary for me; each song comes from the heart and is a way for me to escape the daily stresses of life’. 

Having previously released two acoustic singles ‘If You Want Love’ and ‘Black & White’ in 2019,  Emilia returns to us now with another tranquil, soft and achingly honest acoustic style ballad to start 2021 the way she intends to go on….with lots more singles. ‘Honeymoon Phase’ marks the first release of her forthcoming EP of the same name and quite frankly, we can’t get enough!

Having formed her early influences from listening to her parent’s music collection around the house and in the car on family holidays. Emilia explains, ‘It was Moby who inspired me to pursue music production when in education’. Having recently completed her music and media courses, Emilia is now focusing on her music career and has recently been co-writing with other songwriters, including James Walsh from Starsailor, Joshua “Joe” Keogh from Amber Run and Jonathan Quarmby (Tom Walker, Lewis Capaldi).

‘Honeymoon Phase is based on the stereotypical fairy-tale beginning that most new relationships endure, and surviving the end of it. It covers the ebbs and flows of a new relationship, the choice we face whether it’s worth fighting for, as well as the inevitable cyclical argumentative stage: ‘we fight, we cry, we hug, we fight again’. – Emilia Tarrant

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