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Emanuel ”Black Woman” Track Review

Toronto’s rising star Emanuel unveils his latest soulful R&B single ‘Black Woman’

Toronto’s rising star Emanuel unveils his latest soulful R&B single, ‘Black Woman’. The track follows on from the release of ‘Need You’, Emanuel’s heartfelt and deeply moving debut single and introduction to the world of Canadian R&B. Now, with one single and one EP under his belt, Session 1: Disillusion, Emanuel returns with a touching, celebratory ode to the resilience of Black women.

Written with a powerful and poignant message and sung with a sweet, soulful voice, Emanuel’s ‘Black Woman’ is a song of praise and appreciation specifically for Black Women, honouring their beauty, strength and power. Inspired by a 1971 conversation between James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni,  Emanuel hopes that in this current time of reckoning and racial injustice, his song can off inspire healing and self-growth.

Here, Emanuel shares the meaning and message behind ‘Black Woman’:

​​​​​​​”‘Black Woman’ is about reconciliation and also a celebration – celebrating how strong our women are and how they hold us up,” says Emanuel. “People might think this song was written as a response to the moment right now but it’s saying the exact same thing it was saying when it was written a year ago – ‘I see you, I recognize you, I appreciate you and I love you’.”

One of the greatest traits of ‘Black Woman’ as a song is also one of its most saddening. The timelessness of it makes for a beautiful song with tonnes of replay value, yet at the same time, it highlights how little times have changed since Baldwin and Nikki’s conversation and how murky race relations still are in this day and age, especially in the West. ‘Black Women’ exist in the complex and often strained intersection between race and gender and therefore suffer a heavy burden because of it. Despite this, Emanuel continues to share a message of love and positivity through his music creating songs that are uplifting and affirming of those who need it most, Black women.

“The biggest message I would want to be received by this song is ‘Wake up and see the queens around you and see these beautiful women and the work that they do and stop hindering them,” says Emanuel. “On a personal level, for other black men who have active black women in their lives or who encounter black women in their life, I hope this song inspires them to take stock to see if they hold any negative filters when they view black women, to take stock of how black women are treated, and to really appreciate them for who they are. The message of ‘Black Woman’ is a display of love to try to wake people up.”

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