Eleri Angharad releases new pop track ‘New Sin’

The singer-songwriter Eleri Angharad delivers 'New Sin', a song that is devilishly addictive.

Swansea-based rising artist Eleri Angharad returns with a new single entitled New Sin, a pop track that features an undeniably catchy chorus which makes the song devilishly addictive.  

Stepping away slightly from her country roots sound, Eleri Angharad teamed up with producer Lee House (XY&O, Catrin Finch) to showcase her sultrier pop side. New Sin is a tribute to her legendary hometown venue Sin City, Swansea; the song takes you on a journey inside the hallowed walls of Sin City, as you watch the drama of two lovers intertwine and begin a forbidden love.   The vivid imagery of the song, capturing the ambiance inside Sin City makes the experience even more intoxicating.  

“New Sin is about the thrill of two lovers, locking eyes and beginning a steamy love affair. I’ve spent many a night out in Sin City and always catch myself observing and soaking in the atmosphere, capturing snapshots of peoples’ lives, in-between a few drinks and dancing – of course. It’s a love lesson to characters that should know better. Does it become a one-night stand or blossom into something more? I’ll leave that for you to decide.” Eleri explains.   New Sin is out now via all major streaming and digital download platforms.