D•SIPAUL ‘It’s No Good’ Track Review

D•SIPAUL Captivates With Electronic Single 'It's No Good'

D•SIPAUL is flying the flag for modern British electronic music and his new release, ‘It’s No Good’ catapults him into a realm of his own. It is what drew me to his track in the first place, and if he keeps churning out innovative gems like this one, he will soon be reaching the top spots.

Taking influence from some of the best electronic tracks of yesteryear, D•SIPAUL takes hint, but yet he travels far into a unique corner, and the result is refreshing. As a result, it is tricky to compare his new release with any other artist dropping tracks in the current game. Also, he brings in vocal support from Freya Alley and her vocals add a layer which makes the track stand up firmly on its own two feet.

It all gets underway with a feel-good overture which will have you swaying to its rhythm in little time. Also, an eclectic range of sounds pop up, and this is a trend which we witness for the entirety. Vocally, Freya Alley arrives with confidence which is evident. Her tone is impressive, and she leads us on an adventure with a potent lyrical message. Furthermore, she sings about her relationship experiences, and she proves that it is no good to talk the talk.

Overall, ‘It’s No Good’ carries a unique flavour which is hard to fault. Also, it touches at the heartstrings with an emotional vocal from Freya leaping out with confidence. Likewise, the angelic sounds which D•SIPAUL implements adds to the serene quality, and it moves us with a direction which we need more than ever.

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