Dodie ‘Rainbow’ Track Review

Dodie Clark releases 'Rainbow' ahead of upcoming debut album 'Build A Problem'

While Christmas is usually generally a sparkly and exciting time, this year, like most things, it’s set to be a little different. Things are harder for everyone this year but Christmastime can be particularly difficult for some members of the LGBTQ+ community every year, for a multitude of reasons. In her latest release, Dodie offers both solace and hope through messages about community and support, wrapped up into a tender and sweet song. Originally shared on her Doddleoddle Youtube channel, the song is named for the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag and written about the isolation, shame and stigmas that can face the LGBTQ+ community throughout their lives. 

As with all of Dodie’s genteel songs, the detail is the lyrics. It’s easy to listen at the surface, not delving deeper than the orchestra which slowly builds in, the swoops of clarinet and swell of violins. But below the goosebump-inducing sounds, the track acts as a beacon of hope and a welcoming, soothing shelter for those feeling that “It’s getting hard to navigate // when every map wasn’t made for me”. Dodie firmly and kindly reminds the LGBTQ+ community that they are not alone, that they are valid and reminds those outside of the community why events such as Pride are so important (“When I’m so used to feeling wrong // Well, it makes me feel alright”). 

Even those who don’t relate to Dodie’s message of acceptance and community, would be hard pressed to disagree about the beauty and magic of this song. Released just before the cage of T4 was clamped around London, ‘Rainbow’ reminds us about what is important this Christmas season, kindness and community. 

Dodie’s upcoming debut album, ‘Build A Problem’, will be released in March 2021.

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