Dezabel ‘Somebody (Unplugged)’ Track Review

Dezabel have unveiled an unplugged version of their thrilling track, 'Somebody'.

In harmony with the jazz stylings of Frische Frische, and the soul filled vocals of Ben Bottfield, Dezabel releases a tireless reimagining of hit single Somebody. 

After spending time working with a charity for disabed people this year, Dezabel wanted to share the love it inspired by releasing the song as a free download. Somebody-Unplugged features a spirited performance from a plethora of incredibly talented musicians to produce a dynamic listening experience that incites ecstasy and merriment. 

The masterful musical skills of Frische Frische are on full display as they create a jazz infused melody, bewitching to the listener. Paired with the powerful vocals of Ben Bottfield the song flows effortlessly into the listener’s ear. It’s melodious nature creates the necessity to leave the song on repeat and impossible to grow sick of. 

In terms of music Dezabel has proved himself as a jack of all trades, and master of all, having studied music at various esteemed institutions and worked in every sector of the industry. He has been producing under the moniker Dezabel since 2019 and has created a consistent stream of productions since the start. 

In return for this mellifluous gift, Dezabel asks anyone able to make a donation to the charity, (Stiftung Rgz) he spent so much time working with.