Dinosaur Pile-Up will play Burn it Down Festival in 20201 - photo by Jono White

Devons Answer To ‘Download Festival’.

Will this music festival finally put Devon on the musical map?

The sleepy town of Torquay is known for nothing more than a few fallen rocks, a “postcard picture” location of the same beach each year and of course the hometown of writing babe Agatha Christie. As you read on I feel I should make it aware that I am a born and bred Devonian so therefore I have first hand experience and knowledge in letting you all know that, WE DO HAVE A MUSIC SCENE! And a damn good one I might add.

2020 may be the year that music was cancelled but 2021, (everything that can be crossed on my body currently is…ouch), will be the start of something huge for Devon and believe me when I say, it starts with Burn It Down Festival. Our upward county brethren of Somerset have Glastonbury Festival and our Southbound cousins of Cornwall have Boardmasters so why is there no festival love for Devon? With this county being bigger than the other two previously mentioned, Devon is more than capable of having it’s own well received and attended music festival and, I repeat myself  for dramatic emphasis, it starts with Burn It Down Festival!

General knowledge dictates the festival season finishes each year with Reading and Leeds around August Bank Holiday. WRONG! Beyond that weekend a few festivals still remain and surprise surprise, this is one of them.

Burn It Down Festival is an indoor Rock, Metal and Alternative Music Festival going in to its third year. It was conceived by local music lover and entrepreneur Matthew Goodyear who has been involved in the music scene for well over a decade. The festival itself takes place in some of the best music venues in Devon including The Foundry which had none other than Alternative Rock band Bastille perform there in December 2019 when live music was still a thing…*sad face*.

Topping the bill is the insanely good Dinosaur Pile Up, backed up by newly announced Wargasm (personal favourite of mine), Bob Vylan, Static Dress and already confirmed Hacktivist, Vukovi, Nova Twins and a hefty load of other face melting bands and artists. The diversity of this lineup with it’s new budding artists makes Coachella look like a nostalgic Limewire downloaded playlist from the early 2000’s. What makes this lineup especially exciting is the amount of new talent coming through the cracks of the corporate masses which makes this festival one of the most worthwhile for the money.

“How much” you ask? The dreaded question! Put it this way, the price is cheaper than your collection of lockdown pizzas soooo yeah the money will be thoroughly well spent. Tickets available on eventbrite.co.uk if you don’t believe me.

Next summer is looking to be one for the Facebook yearly reminders. So remember when the overpriced, overcrowded major festival season comes to an end, maintain that festival spirit and come down South to Torquay to witness the Download Festival experience in a pretty seaside town which won’t be so sleepy come Saturday 11th September 2021.