Matt Miller

De’Borah Powell & The Benefactors sing about ‘Letting Go’ in new song ‘Love Can’t Be Controlled’

After a 5-year musical hiatus, British singer-songwriter De’Borah Powell returns with a new collective ‘De’Borah Powell and the Benefactors’ to introduce her new sound.

British singer-songwriter De’Borah Powell has recently released a single entitled Love Can’t Be Controlled with her new collective ‘The Benefactors’. 

De’Borah Powell & The Benefactors make the lyrics echo as the simple yet haunting melody comes to life throughout the song. The remarkable guitar solo at the end of the song, followed by the use of piano gives another dimension to this soul-infused rock atmosphere.

De’Borah Powell is a rising artist in the UK music scene, and with her new collective ‘The Benefactors’, she’s sure to leave her mark with this track about letting go: 

I wrote this song at the end of a prolonged season of unrequited love. At the time I was feeling offended that things hadn’t gone the way I thought they should, and wanted to control and manipulate the outcome. So the lyrics express the fact that whether love is requited or not (or turns out the way you think) hold on to it lightly, don’t operate from a place of control/entitlement but of openness – because that’s what love is in the end – an openness to life, possibility and believing the best of every person or situation.’

Love Can’t Be Controlled is now available on all digital platforms: