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DD Darillo deliver dynamite single ‘Loose Lips, Sink Ships’

Boy Azooga's Dylan Morgan returns with his psych rock project DD Darillo

Having made splash through debut single Time Will Tell, Welsh four-piece DD Darillo kickstart the new year with a sparkling new track, Loose Lips, Sink Ships.

Helmed by Boy Azooga’s Dylan Morgan, DD Darillo create an off-kilter, vibrant style of music, combining the nuanced flair of bands like Squeeze and Steely Dan with the neo-psychedelia of contemporary artists such as King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard and Pond.

Based on an old saying that originated as WW2 propaganda, meaning ‘beware of unguarded speak’, Loose Lips, Sink Ships is a wry, acerbic take on the notion that we’ve all affected and been effected by speaking freely, creating circumstances that veer out of our control. The pertinent themes is an analogy of our current circumstances, and how the saturation of fake news via contemporary media has been utilised as a form of modern propaganda. Musically juxtaposed to the sardonic lyricism, Loose Lips, Sink Ships is an uptempo, energetic slice of new-wave pop packed full of grooving melodies, infectious hooks and glorious harmonies.

Also consisting of Oliver Beard (Bass, Backing Vocals) John Close (Guitar) and Alex Burch (Drums),  Loose Lips, Sink Ships is accompanied by a b-side remix by Hot Chip’s Rob Smoughton.

Loose Lips, Sink Ships is out now.

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