Da Poloman

Da Poloman ‘Love At First Sight’ Track Review

Da Poloman Teams Up With Sara Alavi

Da Poloman and Sara Alavi are back, and they return with an almighty new track ‘Love At First Sight’.

The single is the first I have come across by the pair, but I have to say it is blowing me away every time I listen. It is emotional, and the serene quality which it boasts is inspirational. Also, the fact that this track sounds just that little bit different in a world consumed by a similar sound is delightful.

Furthermore, not only does this track touch at the heartstrings, but it stands out like a beaming light in an industry which generally conforms to the status quo. Furthermore, the direction is refreshingly unique, and I relish the approach which both Da Poloman and Sara Alavi have adopted. Let’s hope they keep teaming up on future releases because, between them, they are a formula for success.

Finding an influence from the best in the game, Da Poloman takes a hint but yet comes out with a novel sound of his own. Moreover, his timbre is individual with his low tone blossoming as the track progresses. Also, he sings with honesty with his performance dripping with passion.

Similar is true for Sara Alavi, who sings with integrity. Her vocal is heavenly with her reaching for the high notes. However, she does not have as much position in the track as I may have hoped for given her quality. Furthermore, she only sings a few lines, and her lines generally repeat for most of the track.

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