Country Father-and-Son Duo Folks Like Them Release New Single and Lyric Video “When I Pass”

Songwriting and storytelling duo, Folks Like Them, have announced the release of their new single and lyric video “When I Pass.”

Songwriting and storytelling duo, Folks Like Them, have announced the release of their new single and lyric video When I Pass. The country single depicts the harsh realities and struggles of life as things to be appreciated and honored. With the one year anniversary of the global pandemic approaching, gratitude for all that life is and has to offer is essential. “When I Pass,” from their full length debut album, Our Places, is out now on all digital platforms, and the accompanying lyrical video will be available now!

Coming from a musical family, Allen passed his passion for music to his son Chris. The two had pursued separate solo music careers, each performing in countless bands. They united in 2020 to form Folks Like Them. Both Allen and Chris Kave combine their love for meaningful songwriting and country music to share messages about family, friendship, and community values.

Be sure to check out the new single, “When I Pass,” available now on all streaming platforms, and the accompanying lyric video.

More About Folks Like Them

Allen and Chris, father and son, have both been recording and performing music their entire lives. Both have performed in countless bands and on many projects over the years. They have been writing songs for artists and publishers for over a decade and focus on crafting meaningful songs that connect with their listeners.

Their debut release “Folks Like Them”, also their group name is a tip of the hat to people of all generations who put family and community first. Chris’s grandfather, Allen’s dad, drove big rigs and ran a small farming business. Allen’s mother, Chris’s grandmother, was a teacher, musician, and homemaker. They passed down a work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility that continues to inspire their songs and their lives. The songs also pay tribute to the people and places in the small towns where Allen and Chris grew up.

Storytelling and songwriting country duo, Folks Like Them, kick off the holiday season with the release of their debut full-length album, Our Places out now. Folks Like Them hand-craft every tune on the album, pouring their real-life experiences into every lyric. The father and son duo worked closely with Nashville music veterans Chip Hardy and Rod Lewis at The 515 Studio in Nashville, TN, to create their third musical release. The pair previously released Open the Door and their self-titled EP earlier this year, both receiving positive reviews. Take Affect says, “It’s not surprising that Folks Like Them would be off to such a luminous start, as their timeless storytelling and careful attention to detail help make this effort a must hear.”

Consisting of father and son, Allen and Chris Kave, the duo come from a musical family. After pursuing solo music careers, the father and son decided to unite and write positive songs about family values and people in small towns they’ve encountered across the country. The duo also write songs that have strong personal meaning to them, such as their song, “When You’re Called”, a special tribute to Veterans, and “Bits of Time”, which they wrote to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Contemplating over their newest body of work, Our Places, the elder Kave says “reflecting on the places of our youth allows us to move forward in a more meaningful way. This album is a chance for us to approach certain songs from a more acoustic production. The songs that are about the mountains, churches, rivers, etc. lend themselves to a more organic treatment that harkens back to our family history. The other places we write about such as diners, motels, and places of the heart allow for a more electric/modern approach. This album gives us a chance to stretch out and move away from the shorter EP releases.”

Folks Like Them is excited to share their debut album Our Places with the world!

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