Conor Albert ft. Alice Auer ‘Smile’ Track Review

Multi-instrumentalist Conor Albert has collaborated with Alice Auer in their jazz and soul infused release ‘Smile’. 

Multi-instrumentalist Conor Albert has teamed up with the ethereal Alice Auer in their captivating latest release ‘Smile’. 

The mellow and beat-driven backing track is the perfect complement to Auer’s graceful and mesmerising vocals, together they create a rich and warm tune which is the perfect antidote to the drizzly grey weather of late. The jazz-infused, soulful track is one to lose yourself in, eyes closed and swaying in a dimly lit room.

Albert’s guitar solo outro is captivating, leaving the listener itching for more as they reach for the replay button. Having already caught the attention of legends like Tom Misch, the future of Conor Albert is certainly something to ‘Smile’ about.

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