Patrick Weichmann

Color the Night – exclusive interview

Based in Berlin, Munich, Linz and Vienna, Color the Night bring a fun-filled combination of indie, disco, pop and funk, a fiesta of sounds and colours that creates an atmosphere of happier times for the listener.

The band consists of Paris Zinner (vocals), Michael Buchegger (rhythm guitar), Valentin Goidinger (lead guitar), Lukas Märkl (electric bass guitar), Jakob Gschwandtner (drums) and Jonathan Banholzer (trumpet).

Their previous singles, “Freak’’ and “Road’’ released in October and April 2020 respectively, are reminiscent of 80’s-esque tracks and summer days.

They talked with us about their new track “Lonely Nights’’ and shared their plans for the future.

So, how did you first form the band?

It all started when Michi and Paris met at a band contest, playing in separate groups at the time, and shortly after started to produce songs together. After nearly a 2 year pause, the band started to take shape in 2018, and from then on, everything’s been fine and funky.

How would you best describe your new track, “Lonely Nights” to people who may not have heard it before?
It’s a mellow, indie-pop-inspired track with screaming guitar melodies, wailing trumpets and a strong message of finding yourself again when overcoming trauma.
What would you say is your favourite track to play at the moment?
It’s probably very difficult throughout the band, as our tastes vary greatly, but we all love the 80’s so maybe Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.
What other artist’s would you say are your biggest influences and inspire you to make music today?
Some of our biggest influences are Parcels, Michael Jackson, Austrian artists like Bilderbuch, and a lot of indie rock bands.
When are you going to release your debut album?
We are working on an album right now but can’t reveal anything yet. Watch out for end of 2021, that’s all we will say haha.
How do you see the band progressing in the future?
One big thought behind the band was always how to make non-complicated songs that still have a lot of fun, experimental musical elements in them, so we’re probably gonna explore every possible weird, fun way on how to make a pop song interesting haha.

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