Catching up with Henry Dell and producer YCONN

New-found pop icon Henry Dell is clearly onto big things, and we’re delighted we caught up with him and his amazing producer YCONN.

Incase you didn’t know, ‘Blocked Me’ is the pairings latest offering, and it is not just packed with Henry’s hooky vocal signatures but also celebrity endorsement. The leftfield video features none other than star of Little Britain and The Great British Bake Off ‘Matt Lucas’. The track and video is caked in charm and character, as are it’s two creators – check out our chat below:

Hey guys, how are you doing?

H: Hey, really good thanks. Thank you for having us! So excited that this project is out, it’s been a long time coming!!

How did you two meet?

H: We met on a networking facebook group for musicians who want to make pop music. I reached out to James about a project he was working on, and the rest is history. We clicked straight away and both bring different skills to the table, so we work really well together. 

Y: Yeah I had put a post out looking for a topliner (singer and lyricist) for an instrumental I had, and Henry sent me 4 acoustic demos, one of which I loved immediately and we turned into his first single “2019”. From there we’ve probably written about 50 songs together over the last 2 years, and I worked on all his other singles too. With ‘Blocked Me’ I just felt the time was right to launch my own dance music artist project alongside Henry.

Tell me how the release is going so far?

H: It’s going really well. The response has been incredible and the video and track are both performing better than anything I’ve put out so far. We made the video last summer and have been itching to get it out, so really happy we can now share the message with people – about self love, and not letting someone’s opinion of you get you down. 

Y: It’s the first time I’ve gone ‘all in’ on a release with my name on it so it’s been pretty nerve-wracking and exciting. At the start of the year we had funding lined up to do a major campaign but that all fell through coz of Covid, so we forged ahead and made it work for us, putting our own savings into the promo etc. We then found Loudkult who are a Swedish dance-pop label, and they loved the song and signed it straight away. Since then it’s definitely been a case of long nights working on the graphic design and press kits and all that other stuff that isn’t music making, haha, getting everything ready for the roll out! Hard work but happy to see it paying off!

How did you meet Matt Lucas and how did you get him in the video?

H: I met Matt through friends and we got on so well! He was really interested in my music and when I had the idea for Blocked Me we chatted about it and told him the idea I had. He loved it and wanted to be in it – and he brings such a wonderful energy to it. It was so fun shooting with him – but difficult keeping a straight face! 

What is it that makes you both such a good musical pairing?

Y: I think Henry is great at keeping up with the current culture and knowing what’s going on, and I’m (classic producer) just locked in my studio being a music nerd, ignoring everything and experimenting with what I think is good and/or fun! So we have a good blend of current and eclectic influences. Also Henry is a killer lyricist and he has 8 lyric ideas in the time I have 1, then I know how to really hone those lyrics into a catchy rhythm. Sorry, going on a bit of a songwriting tangent here…!

H: James just knows so much about song structure, melodies and music in general. Working with him has taught me so much. We are both so passionate about what we do and getting the best end result, which definitely makes us a good team!

Can we expect more from you two in the future?

Y: Yeah for sure, we’re constantly working behind the scenes on new material together (and apart). Henry has a string of collabs with dance producers lined up, currently each month until Jan, all songs we co-wrote together over Zoom during the lockdown. Then next spring we’ll hopefully get back to releasing Henry’s solo material on the back of that momentum. Also I have a few more YCONN singles I want to put out gradually over the next 6 months, so keep an eye out for those too… make sure to follow us both on Spotify (if you’re interested in the music) and Instagram (if you’re interested in random amusement, haha). Cheers!

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