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Cat and the Queen Releases New Music Video for “Bear Boy”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter has released a new music video to go along with new single

“Bear Boy” by Cat and The Queen isn’t your typical post-breakup song; rather than being vindictive or sappy, the track serves listeners a healthy dose of unfiltered reflection. From her ex’s dirty, rash-inducing bed sheets to his playful dancing in the kitchen, Cat and The Queen doesn’t skip a bit in detailing the ways she misses this relationship. The song feels like a late-night diary entry come to life, the kind that flows effortlessly and is chock-full of personality. Coupled with a stripped-down drum instrumental and a few synth notes, the lyrics have a chance to really shine on their own and speak Cat and the Queen’s truth. While it may be centered on her former partner, “Bear Boy” unveils Cat and The Queen’s overall musical ability to be a bare girl, refreshingly candid and forthright. 

The “Bear Boy” music video adds extra layers to the single’s bittersweet quality. Set in a room filled with party paraphernalia (balloons, champagne, and streamers), the video shows Cat and The Queen living it up by herself. But like anyone with a broken heart, she only seems able to celebrate half-heartedly. The image of Cat and The Queen dancing around in her glittery silver jumpsuit screams “I’m doing great”, but her intermittent glances at the camera yell, “Not quite.” Viewers can easily relate to her portrayal of the feeling that, sometimes, even the shiniest glitz and glam aren’t enough to distract from fresh heartache.

Cat and The Queen (CATQ) is the name that embodies both Cat Montgomery, Toronto-based singer-songwriter, and her beloved keyboard whom she calls adoringly, “The Queen.” Playing piano from a very young age, CATQ combines her musical skill with her work as a theatre artist to make each song she creates a raw and visceral experience. Two albums later, and many electrifying stage shows under her belt, Cat and The Queen is a musical and theatrical outfit that serves as an outlet to create and perform, in motion, stories of the heart.

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