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Caravana Sun release new single “Afterlife”

Aussie rockers, Caravana Sun, have released their latest single Afterlife with a beautiful video exploring Australia's bushes.

“We all want to know, where do we go?” 

Aussie surf-rockers, Caravãna Sun will have you contemplating the answer to this philosophical question with  their launch of their upcoming single, Afterlife due for release across all music platforms, Friday 16 October 2020.  

The three-minute track balances cosmetic duality between sorrowed darkness to an uplifting realm led by  whaling guitar riffs and cryptic lyrics. Afterlife raises questions and thoughts the band found themselves battling  with over the last year as they experienced personal grief, national states of emergencies and the global  pandemic.  

“I feel there is light and darkness in this song, classic Yin and Yang,” explains Luke. “I sing the verses which are  darker and cryptic, while Ant sings the choruses, which are lighter and more uplifting, asking the question if the  afterlife exists.” 

Afterlife is accompanied by a music video, which was filmed in early spring in New South Wales’ Royal National  Park with videographer Joel Bryant. The video walks you, with the band, through the Australian landscape,  regenerating and blooming after they were devastated by the summer bushfires which put many states of  Australia into a National State of Emergency.

“The video is drawing off the psychedelic nature of the song, the  portal between life and death. The beauty that can come from the perspective of making it out of the other side”,  says Luke. 

After recently signing with Berlin’s Embassy of Music and joining a heavyweight roster including Björk and Moby,  the band released ‘Charlie’ early in 2020 followed by ‘Live In Germanyin July recorded in Bavaria 2019.  

“We started working on a new record in September 2019 from a secluded studio in the Blue Mountains and it has  been a really enjoyable process. We teamed up with Ian Pritchett (Angus & Julia Stone, Beautiful Girls, Kim  Churchill) and are self-producing this record.” 

Caravana Sun is widely known for its live performance, so not being able to play live has been a tough process for  the band. However, Luke feels they have productively used this time to create and work on developing their  creative processes. 

2021 is going to be a big year for Caravãna Sun, with plans to make up for all the missed shows with lots of  touring and releases!

Described as “the most explosive performance ever witnessed” by LOST Magazine, Caravãna Sun has always been  known for the raw energy of their live shows. From the huge crowd singalongs to the quiet soulful heart  moments, they always keep their focus on the connection to their audience. 

From touring with iconic artists Madness and UB40 to swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth for the Whale  Shark Festival, Caravãna Sun has built up quite the reputation beyond the sunny shores of Australia. Hailing from  Southern Sydney, Caravãna Sun formed in 2010 consisting of Luke Carra (guitar/vocals), Ant Beard (bass/vocals),  Chris Smithson (keys/vocals) & James Smithers (drums). 

By 2016 the band had performed at over 500 shows from all corners of the globe, released three full-length  albums, including the critically acclaimed album Guerrilla Club (2016), with the Sydney Morning Herald calling it  “a sonic treat” with 4/5 stars and ”An album so full of otherworldly imagery and highly evolved instrumentation”  by Rhythms Magazine

We began playing in small venues, tucked away in the corner. Our songs were aimed to make people dance and  move in any way. The band started in a place of ska and reggae with a big focus on the trumpet and driving  rhythms to keep the energy up.

We take our audience on a journey. With such an honest love for music and each  other, Caravãna Sun has had an infectious feeling that’s been at the heart of every performance. Our atmosphere  is truly honest and present in every moment.

From Luke’s driving atmospheric guitar riffs to the swirling analogue  synthesis, we paint pictures with sound and build the moments up to huge crescendos, usually ending up in a  huge crazy/sweaty party.

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