Rachel Fischer

Brooklyn’s Phantom Wave Shine with “Glower”

Debut LP "Wilds" releases 19th of March

Brooklyn shoegaze duo, Phantom Wave, are speeding things on their new single “Glower.” This is their 2nd single from their debut long player, Wilds, due out on the 19th of March. Unlike lead single “Billows”, “Glower” comes out of the gates with a driving beat that never lets up. The lyrics are a bit on the vague side. But the protagonist is definitely up for some conversation, with the vocalist Ian Carpenter repeating the mantra “let’s talk about it.” The accompanying video showcases the band performing over a backdrop of snow-filled New York City streets.

Phantom Wave lives in the difference between propulsive drive and radiant fluidity.  Taking inspirations from indie rock, shoegaze and dream pop, the band focuses on creating dynamic songs with an altered organic feel.  Phantom Wave is comprised of Carpenter (guitar, vocals) and Rachel Fischer (drums).  Formed in 2017 through a meeting in Brooklyn, NY the two blended musical pasts through a chain of fuzz, reverb and delay.

The track listing for Wilds is ...

01. Anterograde
02. Resin
03. Amaranthine
04. Billows
05. High Dive
06. Recursive
07. Everglades
08. Glower
09. Valhalla
10. Depth Charge
11. Across the Avenues
12. Sweet Cheera

You can find more information about Phantom Wave at...