British Artist Daniel Angelus Releases Dream Pop Cover of U2’s Classic ‘With Or Without You’

Daniel Angelus, the British born singer, songwriter, and music producer, has released his take on the classic U2 single “With Or Without You.” The single, a meditative, dream pop take on the song, is also part of the new album, ACT II.

The single came about organically during the album process. “We started to believe that maybe I could sing a cover on the album,” says Angelus. “We began to build ‘With or Without You’ in the studio and I sang the vocals in one take. It was a very powerful moment when we realized it fit the context of the album and we had got the soundscape of the track just right with the rest of the record. ‘With or Without You’ feels like a song that resonates today as much as it did on its original release. We wanted to stay close to the spirit of the song whilst making it very much a Daniel Angelus track as well.

A self-described recluse, Daniel began making music after a difficult and traumatic childhood, using it as a form of therapy. What began as bedroom music has, over fifteen years later, transformed into an incredible career in its own right. Daniel has performed live in the UK, Europe, and North America since 2008. The sound is unique, built on the frailties and wonderment of human life. There’s a grit beneath the surface that only comes from lived experience and translates into the fullness of the music.

After releasing his debut LP Miracle Dark in 2016, Daniel released Wired for Heartbreak in February 2018 – and fans gathered. He followed it up with the album ACT I in April of 2019, a shimmering and pounding collection of four post-punk tracks with themes of loneliness and anxiety on a backdrop of fast drums, addictive melodies and vulnerable vocals.ACT II is out July 6th and was a long time coming “ACT II took 7 years to finish.” says Angelus, “I began writing several songs for the album in 2013 and then took a break from music to get my life in order. When I returned to music properly in 2017 I had a road map for what I wanted to do long term. Seven years of writing and recording has brought us to the 2nd act in the ‘Acts’ project and I am both nervous and excited to get these new songs out across the world.

The ACTS promises to take us on a whole new heart-pounding, body-shifting journey across the coming years with every ACT to be released crossing into a different genre, a different look and a guaranteed emotional experience.

Daniel Angelus’ next endeavor is the film industry, creating soundtracks with his unique trademark sound. 2020 features his debut soundtrack for the upcoming film The Lights of Dawn.

Listen to the single “With Or Without You” now on Spotify.