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BOOM! : Link Lewis ‘Limbo’

Huddersfield artist Link Lewis returns with his stunning new RnB single 'Limbo'.

Fast-rising UK RnB/Pop singer-songwriter Link Lewis has been testing some new musical ingredients during lockdown. His brand new single Limbo delivers lush layered harmonies, addictive vocal hooks and Santana-style distorted guitar riffs.

Taking inspiration from idols Jordan Rakei, Lauryn Hill, Paulo Nutini and Khalid, the British artist has begun putting his stamp on the indie RnB and Pop genres with his distinctively soulful sound.

How did you enter the musical world?

My grandad first introduced me to the piano. I used to be fascinated by his playing whenever we visited. He had this really complicated looking keyboard that was eventually gifted to me one Christmas with a big red ribbon wrapped around it! From then, music became the biggest part of my life.

Which musical styles have influenced your sound?

As a lot of kids do, I spent the majority of my childhood playing Classical and Jazz music. I’d have to say those styles are rooted in my writing but I grew up listening to a lot of Pop & RnB. I’ve always taken influence from music that makes me feel something, whether its a groove, a hook or a certain emotion. Those are the qualities I pick out in tracks.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Limbo’?

I’m a massive Santana fan, so I’ve always been looking to create an RnB track with a Spanish distorted guitar sound! “Tell me how can I be somebody, if you won’t let me be somebody.Tell me how can I be somebody, If I can’t be my own somebody.”It’s a really simple lyric but it has a deeper meaning. When a person wants you to be ‘their’ version of you to make themselves happy. You can become very easily manipulated to feel like you’re the problem. I’ve met a lot of people who try to make their relationship work by changing their character and then all of a sudden, they hit a realisation.

How has living in isolation affected your work?

Despite all of the problems it’s caused me personally, I think the spare time has been really good for me. It’s given me a chance to reflect on how lucky I am to be in this position. Even though there’s no potential to earn money from gigging, I’m still writing and playing everyday. It suddenly dawned on me that the thing I’ve been doing as a job since I left college is actually my favourite thing to do. Not many people can say that. It’s also given me a chance to listen to a lot of music, which is something a lot of artists don’t do enough of these days. I’ve got so many new inspirations and ideas I can’t wait to draw from. ‘Limbo’ for example was the result of listening to a lot of Santana and RnB music, whether I noticed it or not at the time.

Are you collaborating with any other writers/producers/artists at the moment?

I work closely with an incredibly talented producer/writer called Keliris Music. He’s contributed massively towards everything I’ve achieved so far as an artist. To find a musical ear that you trust as much as your own is very difficult, but we’ve always been on exactly the same wavelength when it comes to writing and producing. He’s recently told me he’s going to start releasing his own music. All I can say is you’re all in for a treat, the mans a genius. Over the last two years, we’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Jordan Higo, a seriously talented artist/writer from Huddersfield. It’s been an amazing experience to be involved in his journey from his very first release. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s a star in the making. We’re sitting on some sick material that he plans to release later this year. Pete Goosey is another link in our chain. On top of being a crazily gifted guitarist and writer, he’s helping us grow as artists in other areas. I need to mention ADMT too. We’ve been working with him for over a year now and some of the music we’ve made together is some of my proudest work yet as a writer. He’s got the most effortless, emotive voice. You can expect to hear some collaborations between myself, ADMT and Jordan Higo too. We’re all playing a massive show together at the end of the year. I’m hoping we’ll sell it out! I’m certain I will work with these guys throughout my career. We’re building an amazing team at Ellemer Records.

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