BOOM! : Casey Wickstrom & Taylor Rae ‘Post’

Casey Wickstrom Breaks Down His Upcoming Single With Taylor Rae "Post"

Casey Wickstrom is a multi-instrumentalist and live looping artist, vocalist, music producer, writer, and film editor. He sings and plays guitar, lap slide guitar, cigar box guitar, bass, harmonica, and other instruments. Born in Northern California, Wickstrom was raised in the small mountain town of Durango, Colorado, where he was influenced by the sounds of Paul Simon, Ben Harper, as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A full time musician, he’s released five studio albums, and a long list of singles, live recordings, and EPs. His songs have charted on Apple Music Blues charts, and he has been named among the Top 100 Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine. He’s also a published author, writing extensively on his website blog. In his spare time, he teaches guitar, yoga, and mindfulness classes in Silicon Valley, CA.

Taylor Rae is a guitarist/singer/songwriter born and raised in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. She has consistently been releasing albums and singles since she was a sophomore in high school. Now at 27, Taylor has found a way to modernize her unique 60s & 70’s inspired sound while blending jazz, psychedelic folk and classic blues/rock into a melting pot of organic music she calls “Soul and Roll”. In 2017 she was awarded the Santa Cruz NEXTies “Musician of the Year.” She is a full time performer – averaging 200 shows per year. She now resides in Austin, Texas and has immersed herself in the live music scene there. She is currently recording a self-engineered and produced acoustic album that will include thirty original songs.

“Post” has a unique history. Can you break down the creative process and how the song transformed since it was first written?

I wrote “Post” a decade ago, when I was twenty two years old. It was a kind of love story that revolved around a nuclear holocaust, the end of the world, Post-apocalyptic. I had been developing the guitar melody, and the lyrics came naturally, suddenly. My writing usually takes on a reflective approach that uses a lot of dark imagery and metaphors, but “Post” definitely goes much darker than my other songs. The bright happy melody of the song hides the story well, and I like that. I wasn’t being ironic at all when I wrote it; it was one of the most natural and organic songwriting experiences I’ve ever had. The contrast between melody and subject matter became a songwriting technique that I use often, and “Post” started all that for me.
I recorded it as a demo at twenty two, and it became my most popular song. But the minimalist sound quality of the demo always left me wanting a more definitive version of the song. Over the course of a decade, I tried to rerecord the song in several different studios, and I could never make it happen. Finally, when I met Taylor [Rae], she was able to help me bring the song to the level I’d always envisioned.

What’s it been like collaborating with another artist for this special track?

I couldn’t have created this new vision of Post without Taylor. I needed a new set of eyes and ears to make the song possible, and Taylor’s ideas for harmonies really took the song to a new level. The musicians that recorded on the track were all musicians that I had met through Taylor, and the mixing and mastering were her done by her friend and collaborator Dylan in Massachusetts. Taylor was, quite literally, instrumental and absolutely essential towards making the song.

What was it like getting such great backing for your Kickstarter? How was that process?

It’s still mind-blowing how much support we got from all our friends and fans! We raised the needed amount in three days, and ended up making $1,000 over the necessary amount! People really love the song, and they love the music that Taylor and I play together and as solo artists. All our friends were so excited that we were making a definitive version of “Post,” and they all wanted to take part in it. It was so encouraging, especially in the midst of a pandemic, to have everyone come together and help make this all possible.

What does the rest of 2021 hold for music from Casey and/or Taylor? Anything in the pipelines?

The PR campaign for “Post” is underway, we’re trying to get it out to as many listeners and outlets as possible. Live venues are starting to open up again, so Taylor and I are finally playing shows again! I’ll be releasing more music throughout the year, and publishing more writing on my site. Taylor’s working on a full length album right now in Nashville—it’s going to be a phenomenal record. We’re also playing a few weddings this spring as a duo, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

Where can fans find you online?

Connect with Casey & Taylor:

Casey Wickstrom: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify

Taylor Rae: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify