Declan Creffield

BOOM! : ADMT ‘Good For You ‘

Doncaster's ADMT returns with his summer-ready, vibrant new single 'Good For You'.

The North of England is currently alight with a wealth of talent that is set to blow across the rest of the world. The likes of Aitch, Bugzy Malone and YungBlud are setting their stamp with very relatable commercial song craft that’s resonating with large national and international audiences – ADMT is the north’s newest offering.

The Doncaster born artist has been picking up acclaim from all angles. His debut single ‘Dream’ landing multiple editorial playlist supports with Spotify and Apple Music as well as a BBC introducing ‘Hot List’ placement.

Just in time for summer, ADMT returns with unforgivably addictive hooks, pounding grooves and quick fire lyrics that remind us to take heed and stay in the moment.

Sat on a wealth of chart threatening music and a growing fanbase from his captivating live performances, the future feels bright for ADMT.


What was the inspiration behind ‘Good For You’?

Good for you is about living in the moment, about enjoying the now. I think sometimes we get so caught up with planning the future so much that we miss some of the magic of right now. ‘Good For You’ is about having fun, relaxing and not taking right now for granted.

Who are your biggest influences both in and outside of music?

Musically I’m influenced by loads of different artists whether they’re old or new, of old I obviously like Stevie Wonder, Prince, most of the greats. Then in regards to drive and work ethic I probably take influence from people / artists closest to me, Foreign Beggars, Pavan, Link Lewis, friends who don’t just have something to look up to creatively but are genuine people with good hearts yano.

How has covid 19 affected your work?

Covid didn’t really affect me at all initially, it maybe even gave me time to reflect, write new music, work on myself. Then I got covid and it made things more difficult haha. all good now though.

How does ADMT normally write a track? Is it music or lyrics that come to you first?

Haha, honestly there are no rules really, I’d probably say I head for a melody, vocal rhythm first but you never know, it all depends on who you’re working with, how the idea for the track comes about etc. basically I just blag it every time haha.

What does your dream gig look like?

Anywhere with a bar at the minute and real life people. haha nah, honestly I love playing live, as long as there are people there who are enjoying what I’m doing I’m not really fussed, obviously playing a stadium to my own fans would be an amazing experience but if not its all about a place packed with good energy.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?

I think the important thing for me doing this is growth, I wanna learn and grow both as a person and as a musician, I’d love to travel and see some more of the world and love to make enough financially to look after the people I love but over all I wanna end up happy doing what makes me happy which is music. So right now it’s not really about where I end up, more about me enjoying getting there.

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