Bknott serves West Coast vibes with his new track ‘Speed of Light’

Bknott serves West Coast vibes with his new track 'Speed of Light'

Brooklyn-based artist, Bknott is taking listeners on a Hip Hop- trip like none other with his new psychedelic rap track ‘Speed of Light’.

Following the success of his latest releases “Ambrosia” and “Genetik, Pt. 2” (with over 600,000 streams on Spotify alone), Bknott explores the true musicality of the Hip Hop genre by flipping it on its head, while remaining true to the culture with his new track ‘Speed of Light’.

Whimsical synths, sparkling productions and funky basslines juxtaposed with poignant rap and lofi trap-inspired beat make for a truly unique smooth sonic experience. Bknott explains the meaning behind the track’s wavy beats, bright sound and lyrical storytelling: “Consciousness moves faster than the speed of light. But once you’re in the cosmos, elevated to a higher existence, time slows down.”

Bknott is an artist hailing from Alabama and by way of his visuals and music aims to enlighten listeners and tell his story in an inimitable way. His music is most often compared to artists like Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, and Lil Wayne. The latest track is yet another notch in Bknott’s belt, letting us know he is not going anywhere.

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