Binoy ‘Silver Lake’ Track Review

Thrilling new artist Binoy has dropped his newest electro-pop ballad, "Silver Lake".

LA-based up-and-coming electro pop artist Binoy has returned with his latest single “Silver Lake”, after the positive response to his last release “Cruel Intentions”.

“Silver Lake” is an enchanting and ethereal track by an artist who is equally as captivating as the track itself. Dreamlike synths and a soft drum beat flow through the centre of the track, while the at times psychedelic yet entirely soothing vocals are the shining light. 

Binoy discussing his inspiration behind “Silver Lake”:

“It feels whimsical and full of escapism, like a painting on the wall slowly coming to life with its characters swaying into one another. I live in a neighbourhood called Silver Lake, but the image I started with quickly turned into a metaphor for young and ephemeral love that seems only to exist in flashes.”

Putting his own stamp of pop music, Binoy, originally hailing from Kenya, studied in London before setting upon his musical journey. Aiming to imbue his every song with his every emotion, capturing the sense of longing, loss, and self-discovery all within a neat 3 minute pop package. 

“Silver Lake” serves to further cement Binoy as an artist to watch!

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