Big Piig ‘Feels Right’ Track Review

Biig Piig’s latest offering, 'Feels Right', is a bittersweet synthy, dance bop.

‘Feels Right’ is an attempt to fill the gaping hole left by cancelled events, shuttered nightclubs and empty venues. Written with crowds, excitement and the relish of letting go in mind, ‘Feels Right’ features soft, hazy vocals and a repeated guitar riff which builds gradually to the anthemic chorus. Biig Piig has succeeded in creating a dreamy, smokey, down-right vibe which transports the listener to their own personal dance club within the confines of their room – think summer music festivals in hot, dry-ice filled tents with flashing lights and a thousand other bodies moving in time to the infectiously woozy beat. 

Biig Piig’s husky, mesmerising vocals pair perfectly with the funky guitars and upbeat drums; ‘Feels Right’ bursts with possibility for club beat remixes… But for now we will have to do with blasting it full volume in bedrooms, daydreaming about the day we finally see it performed live.