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Bicep ‘Isles’ Album Review

Bicep 'Isles'

Bicep ‘Isles’ Album Review
Bicep display a range of colorful and ambient elements within their new album. Having been only the second album in, they know how to convey a strong sense of character with knowing exctly how they want to sound. Bicep are energetic and inticing.
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The Belfast born and London based duo have become increasingly popular within the dance and electro scene since their first self titled album ‘Bicep’ in 2017 including huge hits such as ‘Glue’. Bicep have made enormous progress in the festival industry, notoriously known for their synth- pop aesthetic and techno infused melodies, Bicep dropped their second album ‘Isles’ on January 22nd, 2021, despite the pandemic. 

From the intergalactic chamber of  ‘Atlas’  to the euphoric and symphonetic tone of ‘X (ft. Clara La San)’ and ‘Rever (feat. Julia Kent)’  Bicep have successfully produced their second album with a neon-centric vision. Their first album showed a real appreciation towards the big-beat and dance element that Bicep embodies. ‘Isles’ seems to display a range of sensations through the use of more harmonious vocals and ambient themes, with similarities to worldbeat artists such as Enigma.

The album has a very interesting way of falling into both a chill-out genre and and an energetic dance album at the same time, much like previous Bicep tracks, they continue to manifest a range of versatility within their style without becoming unrecognisable, by still invoking the bubbly and synthed signature sound that they began with. Bicep have never really been known for having huge climaxes, they like to take you on their own little journey through proggressive beats and melodies. As for the album artwork, it is nothing short of pleasing to the eye, with an unfamiliar soft blend of psychotropic and fluid imagery, simplistic yet original and uniquely bicep. 

Dance floors are dark and Bicep are commercially known for their involvement with the summer music scenes and festivals, and ‘Isles ‘ does not disappoint. With their release of ‘Apricots’  a skippy and groovy bop that saw a wave of bored young people in the lockdown posting the song, with a plea for “summer to hurry up.” ‘Isles’ has marked its territory in the quality of their live presence and they have been continuing to create a huge following base by seasonalising their music, by invoking a longing for summer within their sound. 

Bicep continue to showcase their talent throughout their music, and being only their second album in bag, the Irish duo created a huge atmosphere that is hard to deny.

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