Best Cover Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

Thousands upon thousands of covers out there. Some better than the original and some are really quite terrible. We’re looking at you ‘All Saints’. Artistically though, some covers are epic! Take a look at ‘Weezer’ covering ‘Toto – Africa’ for example. Here is a list of some covers you’ve most likely never listened to however. Hold on tight.

10. Placebo – Running Up That Hill

Originally done by: Kate Bush

Starting off this list may very well be a cover a fair few people are already familiar with, therefore almost contradicting the title of this article.*shrug*. However, considering this cover version was released in 2003 and has gone on almost 20 years without joining this list of “BEST FUCKING COVER VERSIONS EVER!” (Sam McIver, TM), it’s quite frankly moronic. Vastly underrated Alternative band ‘Placebo’ twist the original 80’s mega hit by Kate Bush into a drug fuelled paranoid sex parade with a steady climax before ethereally coming down. Emotions will soar. 

9. Taking Dawn – The Chain

Originally done by: Fleetwood Mac

Everyone this side of the Western World and beyond including your Mum have covered ‘Fleetwood Mac’. They are an apparently easy band to cover, especially this song. So why have I chosen this version? Well, have you heard it before? If you have treat yourself to a biscuit. This list is almost primarily about covering the song to “make it your own” and the D Standard tuning transforms this already iconic outro riff in to an extra dose of filth followed by unnecessary double bass drumming and everybody loves unnecessary double bass! Just ask Lars Ulrich. 

8. Turisas – Rasputin

Originally done by: Boney M

If ‘Boney M’ were vikings…NEXT! How’s this for a slice of fried gold? A Finnish Metal band covering a song in English originally sung by a German/Carribean group from the late 70’s about a legendary Russian. Now THAT is what I call multiculturalism!

7. Karen O/Trent Reznor – Immigrant Song

Originally done by: Led Zeppelin 

mean, it’s ‘Nine Inch Nails’ and ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘covering a ‘Led Zeppelin’ classic and you haven’t heard it?! ‘Led Zeppelin’ are arguably the best Rock band of all time and any die hard Zepper (is that what the fan base is called?) is always dubious about any cover, even if ‘Led Zeppelin’ are the worlds biggest cover band. I jest of course as I’m a HUGE fucking fan of getting the Led out. So you will believe me when I say that this cover desperately needs more attention. It kicks ass. 

6. Jessy Lynn Martens – Danger Zone!

Originally done by: Kenny Loggins

“OUTLAW COUNTRY!” If you know, you know. Honestly, throughout life music finds you in the weirdest of circumstances. Jessy Lynn Martens provides the singing voice for ‘Cherlene’ in the animated comedy TV show ‘Archer’ where “that song from Top Gun” by Kenny Loggins is covered by Kenny Loggins only to be rewritten as a Country song…and it’s fucking glorious! Better than the original. 

5. Eric Gales – Miss You

Originally done by: The Rolling Stones

Eric Gales is currently the best guitarist in the world, fight me. After having the pleasure of seeing him live and even more pleasure of meeting the man, he has forever solidified himself as a legend in my very long book on life. Never have I witnessed a more fluent player and if this sexy, dirty, bluesy take on the Stones’ disco hit doesn’t make you want to attempt to play the guitar, nothing will. Dude is fucking killer.

4. Foxy Shazam – Walking In The Air

Originally done by: Howard Blake

I have one very important point to make here, ‘Foxy Shazam’ are the most underrated band of all time. If Prince, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury had a lovechild it would be this enigmatic frontman himself, Eric Nally. Yes it is a song written for a Christmas film and yes it’s been covered A LOT but you’re reading this in December, it’s nearly Christmas and I’m spreading the merry ole’ cheer and importantly spreading awareness of this insanely good band. See what I did there? My point exactly…Check out this band now, you will not regret it.

3. Steel Panther – I Want It That Way

Originally done by: Backstreet Boys

One of the funniest things you’ll ever hear. Yeaaahhhhhh…that key change. Enjoy I guess?

2. Arizona Baby – Wish You Were Here

Originally done by: Pink Floyd 

How this isn’t bigger I do not know. If the ‘Eagles’ had the idea to somehow magically write this instead of ‘Pink Floyd’, I like to believe this is what it would would have sounded like. Whilst the original is considered one of the best songs of all time, and it is, there aren’t many covers out there which top this one as it has the freshest and one of the most original ways of covering a song. Perfect example of less is more. 

1. The Darkness – Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Originally done by: Radiohead

How to cover a song for dummies. Or is this a stroke of pure inexplicable genius? To reiterate what this list is about, it’s very much about getting a song and making it your own. Out of all of the cover songs on this list, this is truly something else. I want to hate it, I want to hate it so much. It shouldn’t work! It shouldn’t work yet it does and it’s ridiculously beautiful. THIS is how you cover a fucking song

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