Amalia Navarro


The eco-friendly, alternative indie-pop duo reveal their latest work

Deborah Borg Brincat and  Gianluca Pulvirenti make up the super cool, alternative indie-pop outfit, Berne and they’re finally ready to reveal their debut, eco-friendly EP Stay. 

Over a year in the making, the London-based duo has created a body of work that consists of 3 previously released singles, one brand new single and a bonus track. As if that wasn’t enough, the pair have also launched a new, low-impact website to coincide with their release which you can check out here.

Five songs long, Stay explores a number of themes dear to the pair’s heart; everything from animal cruelty and racism to xenophobia, pollution and global warming are discussed. Berne truly leaves no stone unturned with this EP, bravely taking a deep dive into some pretty hefty topics, but doing so with the usual grace and sincerity that the band is known for.

It isn’t easy to take such hard-hitting subjects and flip them into a nice, easy-on-the-ear, electro-pop tune but Berne do it often and they do it so well! The Maltese duo have created their own lane in the crowded music scene, setting themselves apart from the noise by making their own unique sound which they’ve dubbed “Earth-pop” and rightly so.

The environmentally conscious twosome use a very peculiar but also super soothing mix of backup vocals, reverb-laden guitar, and slow, building piano chords throughout the EP. Those foundations are then built on top of with Deborah’s insane, angelic sounding vocals mixed in with haunting synth lines and a big old backup choir for good measure. The result is a soundscape that’s unlike any other.

Berne creates music that really shouldn’t work but somehow it does; they use polarising ideas and concepts like adopting dark, depressing subject matter and choosing to pair it with ethereal,  sweet-sounding harmonies and a gentle piano like in Stay. Or, they’ll use deep, aggressively pounding drums alongside soft, whisper-like like vocals adding complexity and dynamism to their music that’s seldom found in pop.

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