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Ben Wolf finds his own nectar with ‘Ultraviolet’

The Belgian singer delivers a dreamy debut single.

Born in London and raised between Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States, Ben Wolf has had his fair share of house moves but he could always count on three constants in his life: music, medicine and nature. And they all inspired his debut single Ultraviolet, the haunting lo-fi pop song which is the testament of his big metamorphosis.

Indeed, earlier this year, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter was still at university studying medicine, following in his parents’ footsteps. But that was until Ben finally gathered his courage to break away from what almost seemed a family tradition, to embrace his true purpose. “As my first song, it signals for change and is based on how I felt when I was studying for my medical degree. Having released this anger and made the step to work on myself, my emotions have also changed. This is all part of the journey, he tells us. Ultraviolet light is used by insects, bees in particular, to locate pollen flowers and thus nectar. As a medical student, because of the hive mentality, I felt like a bee constantly having to suppress my sixth sense for the ultraviolet glow. When my frustration reached its peak, I decided to leave the hive and follow the trail towards my own nectar.”

Hypnotising as much with his poetic songwriting as with a futuristic production mixing bird sounds and moody synths, Ultraviolet captivates, surprises and inspires to go where the wind blows and where your heart and mind wander…

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