Bakermat ‘The Ringmaster’ Album Review

Bakermat's Redefining Album Shows His Mastery In Every Genre

Bakermat ‘The Ringmaster’ Album Review
Bakermat's album is a wonderful expression of the future EDM producers and pop singers have at collaboration. The Ringmaster will keeps fans interested in what Bakermat has in store in all future releases.
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Bakermat’s Debut LP The Ringmaster proves that he is not just a DJ and has rapidly evolved his style. The Dutch hitmaker is taking his signature sound and melding it with a variety of genres, showing a new side unseen before across all 10 tracks, On the album, he explains, “I made the album ‘The Ringmaster’ to show my diversity as a producer, and to go against the idea that an artist should stick to one genre or style with his or her album in order for it to be a cohesive body of work… With this album, I am the Ringmaster of my own circus presenting you with a big variety of songs in different styles. I hope the listener, just like in an actual circus, will experience a big diversity in emotions while listening.”

The album features an array of genres from pop, rock, soul and more, Bakermat ties them together into a surprising soundtrack that is as spectacular as the circus. What makes the record is his ability to see the potential of an artist’s sound and transform it into a masterfully produced project. ‘The Ringmaster’ highlights the importance producers have, not just in EDM but in all genres. These transformations have paid off as the album has garnered over 100 million streams and continues to earn accolades across the globe.

Bakermat had been seen by as only a DJ and producer, but this album shows so much more. The project had been one in the making. Adding live-musicians at his performances and hosting his own concept ‘Bakermat presents The Circus’ his circus aesthetic had been a part of his artist identity for a long time. The circus explodes into a variety of influences that has something for everyone.

The myriad of influences from the album stems from the variety of artists and influences. From the soulful stylings of Alex Clare to pop trio BRAVES, and the dancehall influences heard in Baianá Bakermat shows his mastery at taking the bare bones of a single and transforming into an exhilarating hit.

What should be noted is not just the audio, but visual effects of the record. Singles off ‘The Ringmaster’ feature animated videos all telling the adventures of Bakermat’s alter ego Matt Baker. With the release of the latest video “Bad Dreams” ft. 7Chariot Bakermat’s fans are beginning to piece together the videos as they complete a full story and hidden message. Every video in the project was animated by Dutch animation studio, Studio Plumeau.

All together The Ringmaster is an impressive debut album from the Dutch DJ. Surprising, well-crafted and transformative, The Ringmaster excites and leaves listeners curious for what else Bakermat has up his sleeves.

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