Baby Queen ‘Want Me’ Track Review

Baby Queen releases latest hit single 'Want Me' ahead of debut EP

Anti-pop icon Baby Queen (AKA Bella Lantham) has dropped yet another musical treat, latest track ‘Want Me’ follows on from brilliant singles ‘Pretty Girl Lie’ and ‘Medicine’. Known for writing truthful songs about the struggles of fitting in, pressures of social media and effects of taking antidepressants, Baby Queen has amassed a loyal following of dedicated fans known as the Baby Kingdom. Her latest offering, ‘Want Me’ is an instantly danceable and infectious pop song exploring the obsessive but unrequited love experienced during a celebrity crush.

Baby Queen describes the track as “adolescent” and a “sonic tantrum”, reflected in the punchy and rock-influenced chorus. It is hard to sit still while listening to ‘Want Me’, the catchy chorus making the listener want to stand up and dance around the room, singing loudly into a hairbrush-microphone. Never one to take herself too seriously, Baby Queen features a humorous verse spoken in French, amplifying the melodrama of lyrics such as “I’ll go anywhere you wanna go, why don’t you swap me for your shadow?” and expertly poking gentle fun at the subject matter. The teenage vibe of this track is down-right fun and while moshing in a crowd at a live gig is not quite yet in grasp, this song would be incredible when performed live. 

Baby Queen’s debut EP ‘Medicine’ is due to be released later this year via Polydor Records.