Babeheaven ‘Home For Now’ Album Review

London duo Babeheaven release mesmerising debut album 'Home For Now'

Babeheaven ‘Home For Now’ Album Review
West London duo Babeheaven's "Home For Now" fills the room with hazy songs in which singer Nancy Anderson comes into her own, all in all a mesmerising debut album.
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Consisting of Nancy Anderson and Jamie Travis, Babeheaven’s debut album is a melancholically hypnotic affair which surrounds their listener in swirls of sound. The west London R&B duo’s ‘Home For Now’ is a sombre record but not wholly depressing; trippy electronic pulses, strumming guitars and dreamy drum beats lift the tracklist. 

Opening with moody violins and Nancy’s dreamy pop vocals, ‘November’ is a gorgeously full tune. Across the album Babeheaven slip rippling, echoing guitars under hazy, dark lyrics. Fusing indie, R&B and electronic music into soft psychedelic stylings, Babeheaven produce tracks like ‘Friday Sky’ and ‘Cassette Beat’ which are both haunting and rich. The sporadic soundscapes of garbled speech, laughter and even jungle-esque birdsong in ‘I’ve Been Gone’ gives the album an organic, homegrown feel, apt for such an intimate offering. Nancy’s confidence in her vocal ability shines through in this album; especially in ‘Jalisco’, a soaring yet relaxed track in which swelling orchestral sounds support her gentle singing. 

‘Home For Now’ ends with the slow, ethereal ‘Through The Night’, a truly beautiful track with electronic musings which elevate Nancy’s sweet, velvety voice. Babeheaven are set to play their headline tour early next year and with this mystical album under their belt, it’s set to be a magical evening. 

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