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August Green ‘Vignettes’ Album Review

Singer-Songwriter August Green Shares His Point of View On Vignettes

August Green ‘Vignettes’ Album Review
August’s impressive work of art is one that explores a range of sounds and emotions as each track offers a different feel
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Singer-songwriter August Green has released his latest album, Vignettes, chock-full of atmospheric instrumentals and gentle acoustic guitars.

August is based in the Netherlands, where the concept of this album originated as he recorded each song in an old abandoned church. He set up a makeshift studio to capture the radiating sound, his music encompassing the feel and emotion of the space. Once the listener is made aware of this anecdotal element, the album suddenly becomes more personal, intimate, and is reflective of August’s deep passion for musical expression. Vignettes does not disappoint when it comes to feeling the music. 

The album starts off with his title track, “Petrol Waves”, where August reflects on overcoming the voices in his head, self-doubt, and self-criticism. This song sets the tone for the remainder of the album as many of the tracks feature beautiful acoustics and soft vocals. “Under the Ice” has a mellow, nostalgic vibe that is much like a bittersweet journey through pastimes and memories. “Kungsholmstorg” is reflective of August’s laid-back, acoustic folk style, and tells the story of a childhood friendship that ended in a painful, silent breakup down the line. 

Towards the middle of the album, the track “Dive Right In”, acts as a breath of fresh air with a rhythmic build that engages the listener while simultaneously putting the listener at ease. This track is different from the previous songs on the album, as it’s less sad and is about facing fear and diving into the unknown. The album then takes another subtle turn musically with songs such as “SUN” and “Calm, Soothed, and Safe.” These two tracks are bound to be your new indie-folk beach playlist essentials as the summer approaches. Though the messages behind “SUN” and “Calm, Soothed, and Safe” are about August’s personal struggles, the instrumentals are chill and offer up a go-with-the-flow vibe. August’s light, airy sound is charged with emotion as much as his music is a relaxing, carefree listening experience. 

August’s impressive work of art is one that explores a range of sounds and emotions as each track offers a different feel. “Bo” and “Replaced” finish out the album with two totally different sounds, but somehow they complement each other so well. The listener is inundated with reverberating, echoey sounds on “Bo”, which is reminiscent of an interlude track and was written about August’s father’s passing. On the other hand, “Replaced” is about self-acceptance and throwing out the idea of perfectionism. It’s a perfect conclusive song to the album with an easy rhythm and honest message.

Stockholm native and indie-folk singer/songwriter, August Green, had a clear vision of himself as a songwriter for other artists until he, in the middle of what he describes as ”a typical early 20s life crisis”, asked himself the question: ”What do I actually want to do?”. The answer was to pursue a career as a solo artist and led to him rekindling a spark in his lifelong friendship with music and the joy of making it. He began crafting his sound taking inspiration from his musical background, but also from other artists he admires, such as Bon Iver, Simon & Garfunkel, and Joni Mitchell. August is the definition of a grassroots artist, as he writes, creates, produces every aspect of his music and art overall.

He released several singles in 2016 and his efforts began paying off when his song, “Pictures”, amassed over 200k streams on Spotify after being featured in popular YouTuber AlexRainbird‘s Indie/Pop/Folk compilation, which has over 1.7 million views on YouTube. August Green is now living in the Netherlands and has spent two years writing, producing, and exploring the acoustics of his church studio, figuring out how to incorporate even more of himself and his background of singing and studying choir music into his own work. Vignettes is deeply influenced by his recording space and life experiences, featuring atmospheric instrumentals, light, airy vocals, and gentle acoustic guitar.

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