Travis Atria

Atria Make it Look So Easy with ‘Jazz Cigarette’

Debut LP, "Moonbrain", Releases April 2

Travis Atria has dropped the slow jam of the year, thus far, with the ultra groovy “Jazz Cigarette.” All of the instruments play so well together, especially when the horns kick in later in the song (featuring Jason Prover and Doug Fischer). If you’re not paying attention, you’ll think this is a song about getting your groove on. Why wouldn’t it be? The song immediately takes you to that memorable place with that special someone. But a deep look into the lyrics tells a different story…

Temperature’s always rising

Ocean’s acidifying

Maybe it will mean the difference between living and dying

When it gets to be too much 

About the song, Atria says “As far as I know, this is the only slow jam about climate change ever written. It might also be the only pop song to feature the word “acidifying.” The title and chorus were designed to counterbalance the heaviness of the verses, like if you’re not listening closely, you won’t realize what it’s about. I like the contrast. And I didn’t want this album to beat you over the head.”

Moonbrain is the first solo album from acclaimed musician and author Travis Atria, one time frontman for indie band, Morningbell. It takes sonic cues from classic artists like Curtis Mayfield and Parliament, while remaining immersed in the present moment. Conceptually, it draws on everything from climate grief, to the Beatitudes, to the oldest known song, a 3,400-year-old Sumerian hymn known as the Seikilos Epitaph. It is an album of heavy grooves and deep moods, modern tools and timeless feels, lush arrangements and adept musicianship. Moonbrain releases 2 April on Gold Robot Records.

The track listing for Moonbrain is ...

01. Moonbrain
02. No Name Street
03. Jazz Cigarette
04. Shine
05. In the Fullness of Time
06. Blood Moon
07. Love Theme
08. Lucky
09. What’s the World Coming To?
10. Make Time