Astræa ‘Tonight I Run’ EP Review

The Majesty of Astræa is apparent on cinematic pop EP, Tonight I Run

Female singer-songwriter, musician and producer Astraea has released her brand new four-track EP ‘Tonight I Run’ for Autumn 2020. 

The title track opener begins with a honeyed lead vocal blending with a rhythmic beat and lush synths which is very easy on the ear. “Doubt is the enemy stealing my mind. So I’m leaving its promises far, far behind” she proclaims defiantly. Then you are hit with this anthemic chorus with a slick pop production complete with a tribal drum tone whilst her voice soars like a majestic phoenix. 

Then we have the slightly melancholy ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ with a European-sounding keyboard tone and textured piano. The use of vocal looping with the chorus cleverly builds the track without being annoying and I am reminded of Chris Issak’s ‘Wicked Game’ at times. I feel like this would be the perfect accompaniment to a live dance installation.

‘My Own Worst Enemy’ showcases Astraea’s stunning piano skills as she sings “Will she defeat me? I’m My Own Worst Enemy.” Lyrically, it is heart-breaking as the listener hears her having this internal battle with herself which is something everyone experiences at some point in their lives. This track would be a strong contender for Christmas 2020 number one especially if it can be linked in with a mental health charity. 

Closer ‘Carry On’ is a percussive number complete with hypnotic clapping beats and rich strings. “I hold my head up high as there’s a future to rise to” she softly admits

In conclusion, the ‘Tonight I Run’ EP is an emotional body of work and it sounds like Astraea really needed to record this EP not just for her fanbase but for herself. The themes of love, connection, self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy are relatable and combine that with a powerhouse voice and solid musical production, this is a slice of pop perfection.

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