Aston Merrygold – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Aston Merrygold brought us pure pop joy as part of JLS.  Now Aston is flying solo. He’s been back in the studio, working on a goldmine of new material to share with us, including a new song called ‘Overboard’.

Welcome Aston. Thanks for taking time to chat with us. Have you had a good day so far?

Honestly I’ve had an amazing day, I feel very blessed!

Please tell us the story behind ‘Overboard’

Sometimes the best things come out of nowhere. I got to work with some amazing people for this song and honestly this one just came and slapped us in the face! The energy was right, the track was right, the lyrics are flowing. Everything fell into place for this song

How has your approach to songwriting changed over time?

It’s changed massively. I’m now more confident in my skills! Having had cuts with other artists and songs that have been played around the world…having that confidence walking into a session makes it all the more comfortable

5 things you loved about your time with JLS might include …
  • Our early days – rehearsals before we were JLS.
  • Touring was madness!
  • The Queens Jubilee performance
  • Doing the Michael Jackson farewell concert – performing with the Jackson brothers.
  • Signing with fans was always unreal!
What is the best piece of advice you have been given and who gave it to you?

Seal once said ‘Enjoy it.’ I know that sounds so basic but he said things will pass you by so quickly you won’t get to enjoy it … so sometimes just sit back and enjoy

Where are you finding joy during Lockdown?

With my family! I’m a lucky man that’s all I can say! An amazing fiancée and 2 energetic amazing little boys… the house is full of joy daily.

Quick Fire Questions

If you had to pick would you choose

Hope or Glory – Glory

Tango or Two Step – 2 Step

Dog or Cat – Fish!

Jammie Dodger or Jaffa Cake – Dodgers

David Luis or David Seaman – David S

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