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Ashley Zarah’s New Video “Fakin’ It” Confronts the Truth

Zarah Releases New Visual from 'Better Mess' LP

Fresh off the release of her LP Better Mess, Ashley Zarah is continuing to share her stories and truths with a new music video for the featured single “Fakin’ It”. “Fakin’ It” is about facing the painful truth of a very uncomfortable situation, one that Zarah admits she was in denial about for a very long time. “I used to call it a physical altercation because I was convinced that’s what it was – but now I force myself to call it by its real name – it was sexual assault,” says Zarah. “I used euphemisms for a long while because it was easier to process. I didn’t have to feel the truth as much.” Recognizing that she was using denial as a survival mechanism, Zarah slowly came to realize that her mental health would suffer if she wasn’t honest with herself about holding people accountable for their actions. “Mental health is dependent on so many factors, but a substantial one of them is facing truth and then acting accordingly. Looking at the cold, hard facts. Admitting who is accountable for what on paper – with no emotional attachment – and ultimately? Asking ourselves if we really want to be where we are anymore.”

The music video for “Fakin’ It” visually represents these truths coming to light, both literally and figuratively. Utilizing contemporary and classical Persian dance, the choreography reflects the relationship and mimics the physical fight of the sexual assault as Zarah and her fellow dancer Yai Ariza personify trauma and healing at war. Zarah is seen constantly trying to run away in the beginning, but remaining shackled and bested by Trauma until she is brave enough to face it in the fight sequence. “Confronting traumatic events is a very draining and often terrifying healing process. There is an inner violence when both dealing with the pain and evolving from it, and that is why the choreo is so aggressive, because I wasn’t going to lie and make this look like some stake-in-the-ground, success story about overcoming adversity and reclaiming my strength – it didn’t and has never looked like that,” says Zarah. “I’m bare faced and stripped of all my Ashley Zarah glamour – I’m a human in pain.” “Fakin’ It” can be viewed on all major platforms and heard on Zarah’s newest album Better Mess.

Rising dark-pop star Ashley Zarah has released her highly-anticipated LP, Better Mess as a project of a collection of pivotal, life-changing experiences and realizations that Zarah has had in the last four years. The pop singer-songwriter makes a point to create music that will challenge listeners to observe their realities and begin to heal by guiding them through her deeply personal and introspective stories. “Each of these six songs exposed and/or taught me something that I can never forget or ignore again,” says Zarah.

Fans can enjoy an array of mixed genres on Better Mess as Zarah effortlessly blurs the lines between pop, alternative, electronic, and organic sound textures. The LP features two previously released hits, “My Boyfriend” and “Everybody Knows,” and four new tracks that reinforce the LP’s theme of discovering truth. “Each song starts with some form of adamant denial and ends with the admittance of reality,” says Zarah. “The LP itself starts with a song that validates lying and ends with a song that worships honesty.” This tastefully crafted LP is bound to connect with listeners musically and emotionally. Fans can also look forward to impactful visual content that will accompany the stories being told on Better Mess this fall.